IHC 644 v1.0.0.0


Make the converted IHC 644 available to you here
I hereby present the IHC 644 to you as a DL. This was brought into the 22 by me and PeterAH, who made the sound for me etc.
It's not perfect, but it doesn't have any errors or anything like that in the log etc. as usual for me.
Basic price: €14,800
Power: 54 - 66 HP
Maximum speed: 31 kph
What was done:
-Front hydraulics have been added
-New lights
-Gear levers and group levers animated

-Engine version
-Various tire manufacturers and tire sizes
-Different roll bars/canopies
-Front attachment configuration (weights, towing hitch, front hydraulics)
-Rotating lights
- Front loader (Baas, Stoll, Quicke)
-Various colors configurable


converted FS22: privatprivat, PeterAH, Maurice_3001
converted FS19: SD1808, ihcpower733_official
3d model: kreters_island
textures: Puma
supports: Fabian Gogobär, Henrik
Baas Frontlader Konsole: deutzfreakwsm, madabub
Frontlader Hebel: Lumik610 (Lohner Klaus)
Copyright © by Kreters-Island

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