International 500 Series Manure Spreaders v1.0.0.0


In the growing need of fertilizer's to make more off of a farms acres, you need a machine that's built to spread your precious fertilizer efficiently and effectively. The International 500 series spreaders is exactly what you need, designed to meet the challenge of heavy loads with the unique A-frame sub frame to strengthen the structure of the spreader and better "Bear-Claw" paddles are manufacture to chew up thick manure clods and ensure your manure is chewed up and spit out. With a wide range of sizes from 118 to 274 bushel capacity and plenty of options to help meet your size and needs on the farm. The tandem 575 and 595 offer bigger capacities for the bigger farms with heavy duty bogies to reduce twists and strains on heavy loads.

A unique addition is the 555 which, unlike the others, has a hydraulically driven apron. This allows you to fine tune how much manure you want to apply and on the go.

Included are the,




555 - Hydraulic Apron




Options Include

All spreaders have optional rear SMV Signs | All spreaders have mechanically driven aprons except the 555 which has a hydraulically driven apron.



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