International Loadstar 1600 Hauler v1.0.0.0


International Loadstar 1600 Hauler

1. Description:

- Brand: International

- Price: 15 500 €

- HP: 197

2. Configurations:

- Base color

- Rim color

- Fenders color

- Body color

- Beacons

- Wheels

- Attacher

3. Animations

- Doors (via SimpleIC)

- Hood panels (via SimpleIC)

- Interior animations (pedals, gear stick, levelers and more)

- Mirrors

4. Others:

- Custom wear/dirt

- Tension Belts

- License Plates

- Working ramps


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Commented on 2022-05-03 02:28:55

Why not make it a direct download so people don't get malware? huh? why delete my comments!

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Reply comment on 2022-05-03 05:37:40

Swear you cry babies always have something to just fucking whine about.. Don't fucking downlaod it then if you're a bitch. It's not his fault you're a bitch and the 610 others who downloaded it weren't

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Commented on 2022-05-05 17:30:57

Great truck , but i just wish there was more powerful engine option.
I put a tractor on it and this truck cannot get out of it's own way. i tried to edit it , but it did not work i guess.

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