John Deere 4x55 EDIT v1.0.0.0


This mod was edited by me. 3 pics shown, are the old tires. I edited the tires, sounds, and the front rims for the 2wd. If there are any errors please let me know. Big thanks to Corn Belt Modding - for helping me big time with this project.


Peterson Modding-Peterson Modding -

Sounds- Tired iron modding (19 sg pack) original creator and to Tired Iron for the Release for FS19

Cornbelt modding-  Turbo sound's, Fixed light texture, Proper spacing

Tri rib tires- Glen006

Monitors- Skywalker farms

JD BaleTrak, Intercomp Scale- Lazy E Modding

JD M6000, Kinze KPMII, Raven 450 + Bestway monitors-  Bennyy's FS 3D Models

Michelin tires- Basegame files (Correct me if im wrong)

Firestones- Jcl Farm equipment.

Screenshots- Me, Cornbelt modding, Peterson modding

Big thanks to everyone that helped with this mod.


J&N Farms/Editing

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