John Deere 4x55 v2.1.1.0


John Deere 4755/4955

new model for the small frame fuel tank
ajusted front hubs size
adjusted height on laforge front lifters (only when nothing is attached)
fixed EU/US configurations on the pumped version

power: 190 to 230 hp
speed: 30km/h
important edition of the game 4055 john deere
There are still a lot of things to tweak and fix, but this is a playable beta version
Please note that this is the first time I'm doing this and the models/locations may be a little off.
special thanks to LE TRACTEUR BELGE for the front linkage
modification list:
configurable front hitch/weight block
year setting
wheel configuration
dangerous triangle
fire star 3000 gps
tinted glass
camera system required
Please report any bugs/bugs/issues to fix in future
Any editing or reuploading without my permission will not be approved
I wish you a good game


AGR modding
GIANTS Software

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