John Deere 712 Mulch Tiller v1.0.0.0


The John Deere 712 Mulch Tiller is a tillage tool manufactured by Deere & Co. from 1983-1988. It is a chisel plow with additional disk or coulter blades on the front to allow the sizing of residue while also performing deep tillage. This became important in the later part of the 20th century as crops such as corn increased in yield and, in turn, crop residue. As the name suggests, this tool lets you mulch and till your field in the same pass, allowing you to do two jobs at once. This mod also has options for different working widths to allow you to utilize all the horsepower availble on your farm. It also has other options for rear weights and warning equipment. Work right behind your combine with this 80's tool today!

Price start: 17000 $

Max. working speed: 7 mph

Required power: 130-190 hp

Working width: 11.25-16.25 ft

Thanks for checking this mod out! It's definitely one of my favorite ones that I've done so far. It has tons of great details, such as the springs that actually compress when the coulter blades bounce up and down and twisted shovels that are actually oriented in the correct direction! I hope you enjoy this tool as much as I do.


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