John Deere 7R - Editions Edit v1.2.0.2


Engine configurations:
John Deere 7R 270 305PS / 224kW Gen2
John Deere 7R 290 332PS / 244kW Gen2
John Deere 7R 310 352PS / 259kW Gen2
John Deere 7R 330 373PS / 274kW Gen2
John Deere 7R 350 388PS / 285kW Gen2

New design configurations:
BayernGamers Edition
Red Edition
Green edition
Yellow edition
Blue edition
Orange edition

Decal configuration:
“powered by MSO” on the lower edge of the windshield
“Piss on Deutz” decals on the door and on the right window

All configurations include a full LED light and some new lighting elements.
Color-matching LED strips were also installed on the cabin floor.

Rim color configurable including new colors (e.g. matt gray)
Main color configurable including new colors (e.g. Fend Black Beauty)
Design color on all rims Configurable with Editions.
Integrated passenger seat. (Requires Kubota DLC)

InteractiveControl installed:
Steering column
Driver seat extension
Passenger seat
rear window
Side mirror
can be opened/folded.

The tractor has the John Deere CTIS tire pressure control system on all common tire variations.

Initial release
IfkOS displays installed
MSO sticker changed to LSFM sticker
SimpleIC replaced by InteractiveControl. SimpleIC entries are still available and can be re-entered yourself if necessary.
Preparation for RealGPS added
Key assignments fixed
Dependencies fixed
DNF, Black & White edition added
AdditionalCams support added



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