John Deere 8030 Series U.S. Spec v1.0.0.0


Heres my John Deere 8030 Series U.S. Spec Edit. Ive made this as detailed as I possible could. Lemme know what you think!

4/7/24 UPDATE 1.0

- 4640 monitor fixed, Hood IC point moved to correct location, Flasher IC point adjusted

- Seat can now be moved up and down with mouse controls

- Demco tanks Node fixed

- Tint changed to standard glass

- Extra side work lights fixed, changed to LED, LEDs fixed on 5 headlight setup

- Beacons changed from rotators to flashers

- Many other small things corrected


Models- 8130-8530

Transmission Options- IVT, AutoPower, and Powershift

Wheels- Firestone, Goodyear, Continental, and Michelin. 60in Rowcrop, 72in Rowcrop, Wide US Style, and LSWs

4 or 5 headlight options with removable 3pt hitch

Unverferth Digi-Star in cab scale

Greenstar/Trimble- Trimble EZ Guide, Greenstar 2600,4600,4640, and G5 displays.

Extra Monitors- JD BaleTrak, Precision Farming, JD ComputerTrak, 1770 Planter Control box, KPMII & Kinze Controls, Kinze BV, and Raven 450 w/ Bestway Controls. (Greenstar globes are IC controlled, so all 3 are on the roof, just choose which one you want. And some monitors have new screen styles done by me)

Front and Rear Fenders

Front Decorative chain, and steering knob

Beacons- Left, Right, Both

Front Attacher- Bracket, all weight sizes, Rockbox, and Rockbox with weights. (Has attacher node on front bracket  that connects to JHHGs Heli tanks)

Front Loader Attacher


I've added more IC points including, Hood, Starfire Globes, and Precision Planting screens Pretty much every material has been gone through and changed to the most realistic as I could do. Lots of small details on this. I'm going to work on getting the file size down as much as I can too. This has a lot of different textures.


Dince Modding (HUGE THANK YOU)- Original 8030 series mod, G5 Display
Skywalker Farms- GS 2600, JD ComputerTrak, Raven450, Rear rims
STX Farms- Front Rims
Schaben Modding- Unverferth Scale, 1770 Planter Control box, Rockbox w/ Weights
Casearias Modding- Firestones, Kinze Blue Vantage, Kinze Controls
Karlfarms- Precision Planting
Lazy E- JD Baletrak
NDMM- CB, and Monitor rail
Custom Modding- Frontloader Mount,

Similar modifications

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