John Deere NT 1770 24 Row v1.0.0.0


John Deere 1770 NT 24 Row

Manufacturer: John Deere

Model: 1770NT 24-Row 30"

Model year: 2013

Type: High speed planter

Capacity of seeds: 4581 liter

Capacity of liquid fertilizer: 2271 liter

Price: 134,000$

Working Width: 17.75M (58FT)

Working Speed: 12KPH (7MPH)

Required power: 340HP (253KW)


- Realistic model year 2013 design,

- Realistic vacuum air blower Sounds,

- New factory-installed 1770NT tracks system that improve flotation and reduce ground pressure to 13.3 psi,

- Realistic sound of animations,

- No-Till Pneumatic, Independent Row Cleaners,

- Factory-installed fluid tank hold up to 600 gallons,

- True working pressure gauges,

- Starfire GPS Configurations,

- Rear attachment Configurations,

- Liquid Fertilizer hose for liquid carts compound with Liquid Fertilizer set and Rear attachment,

- Wheels / Tracks Configurations,

- Liquid Fertilizer system Configurations,

- Liquid Fertilizer single Disc openers Configurations.


Wyatt 1521d

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