Krasylivka Map v1.0.0.1


Krasylivka is a small, but picturesque 2x map, made on real terrain.

- New game recommended.
- Added calf farms from mrHector.These shelters are obviously intended and make sense only for calves as the mod name suggests !!! SO IN USE WITH PC MOD THAT ADDS THEM OR A MAP THAT INCLUDES THEM !!!.
- Many small visual and other fixes.

Added new crops such as buckwheat, peas, and alfalfa. Added new animals. Some plots need to be bought in order for the triggers to appear and for you to see them on the map. In order for the apiary to work, you need to buy spawn pallets in the store, the store has a fashionable one.

!!!Many thanks for the help of mrHector and for the objects!!!

You will find it on the map

48 fields from 0.272 to 35.511 Ha

A house with a yard:
– A small chicken coop
– Small grain elevator
– Canopy for any needs
– Place for equipment
– Starting technique (only at the easy level of the game)

Big base:
– Grain elevator
– Storage of seeds and fertilizers
– Automatic car wash
– Gas station
– Auto repair shop
– Tank for liquid fertilizers
– A large hangar
– Garage complex with two buildings (large and small) for 10 spaces
– Large canopy for 6 places
– Sewage pit for liquid waste

Animal husbandry:
– Poultry factory
– Pig complex
– Cow farm
– Sheepfold
– Fish farming
– The apiary

– Sugar plant
– Oil mill
– Grain cleaning complex
– Flour mill
– Production of packaging
– Woodworking shop
– Carpentry shop
– Bakery
– Dairy shop
– Production of lime
– Production of fertilizers
– Production of seeds
– Production of monomix
– Production of fodder for pigs
– Bale shredder
– Biogas complex

Places of purchase:
– Quarrying of stones
– gas station
– Buying and selling animals
– A place to collect water from the lake
– Water tower
– A small water column
– Lime

Sales locations:
– Wholesale base
– Two haylofts
– Grain elevator
– Fish counter
– “Eco-Lavka” store
– Buyer of silage and pulp
– Boiler room for sale of sawdust
– Construction where you can sell boards and timber
– Point of sale of roundwood (wood)
– Point of sale of stones

– Apple orchard
– Apricot orchard
– Greenhouses
– Storage for root crops
– Storage for bales and pallets
– Silage pits
– Agricultural machinery and car service.



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