Kroeger PWO 24 Bale Autoload v1.1.0.1


Kroeger PWO 24 Bale Autoload
Price: from 21500$
Category: Bale transport

- dynamicMountAttacher removed, as it caused problems

- the loading side can now be selected during assembly ("U" key to select the side, "Y" key to open / close)
- unloading assistant can now be deactivated / activated ("O" key)
- configuration for beacons added
- UAL debug mode deactivated
- Added Krone Big Pack 1270 square bale support (Mod baler by H3RBY)

* Standard or bale autoload configuration
* Autoload for
- round bales (125cm: 26 bales, 150cm: 22 bales, 180cm: 18 bales, cotton: 4 bales)
- square bales (180cm: 30 bales, 220cm & 240cm: 24 bales, Hesston 180cm: 20 bales, 220cm & 240cm: 16 bales (mod balers), Krone BigPack 1270 180cm: 40 bales, 220cm & 240cm: 32 bales (mod baler), Cotton: 2 bales
* The autoload functions Pro and Easy can be switched - ANYTIME - via "Change work mode" ("Ctrl"+"Z"). Default setting is EASY. Unloading via mouse control is only possible when unloading assistant is activ.
- Easy with wide loading trigger (approx. 4m per side).
- Pro, here the bales must be placed on the trailer.
* 3 body designs to choose from
* each side of the body can be opened separately or both sides at the same time ("U" key to select the loading side, "Y" key to open/close)
* unloading assistant can be activated ("O" key)
* Color choice for trailer & rims
* Tire choice (Continental, Trelleborg, BKT, Vredestein, Nokian, Lizard)
* New rear lights
* Configurable beacons (none, left, right, left & right)
* additional sounds when coupling / uncoupling
* Supports "Universal Autoload" (by loki_79) in "Standard" configuration (PC only)
* Supports "Selectable Bale Capacity Addon" (by GH66Mods)
* Supports "Liftable bales pack" (by Jos)
* Supports Hesston Bales 180cm, 220cm & 240cm (Mod balers by 4D Modding / ARM-Team)
* Supports Krone Big Pack 1270 Bales 180cm, 220cm & 240cm (Mod baler by H3RBY)

How the bale autoload works:

1. Bring the trailer into the working position with "B", the bales can now be collected.
- In the "EASY" working mode, the trailer collects bales that are up to 4 metres away from the trailer independently.
- In "PRO" working mode, the bales must be placed on the trailer in order to be collected by the autoload.
The working mode can be changed at any time by pressing "Ctrl"+"Z".

2. After collecting, move the trailer to the transport position with "B".

3. Start the unloading mode for unloading with "Z".
- Unloading can only be carried out on the trailer without an unloading assistant. The bales can then be removed from the trailer manually, e.g. with a front loader.
- By activating the unloading assistant "O", the bales can be moved in all directions and rotated on all axles.
Select the unloading location and unload the bales with "Z".
After unloading, end the unloading process with "Z".
The unloading process can be cancelled with "X".

Bale autoload only works if this is configured in the garage.


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