Krone BigM500 v2.0.0.0


Tire choice, color choice, rim color

- New springs and hydraulics installed at the front... Now it shines and sparkles
- New hydraulics and rubber sleeve also installed on the mower at the front.
- PTO shafts were installed at the rear and front and new hydraulics were installed at the front
- Color choice added for rims, mower decks, mower guards 2x base colors
- Tires normal, wide tires and extra wide
- Mower blades animated

The Krone BigM500 was converted by me from the LS19, equipped with extras and refined.
Mod is without warnings and errors.

Support only in Discord at:


CONV LS19 --> FM-Modding

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Commented on 2022-09-23 14:02:52

I would like to look out of the vehicle when I am in the vehicle

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Commented on 2022-09-23 22:29:04

yes would be good lolol.....i have see a update v2.0.0.1 for this but sorry can not find it now just have to see if it get posted in hear

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J Willy
Reply comment on 2022-09-24 19:14:18

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