Krone BigX 1300 Prototyp v1.0.2.0


Krone BigX Prototype 1300
I would like to share my BigX 1300 prototype with you.

Version 1.0.2
Only exchange so that purchased vehicles remain
1. Steering speed changed
2. Steering radius changed
3. Collision changed because AD drivers pushed.

Since there are only a handful of pictures of this vehicle on the internet,
I tried to make it as original as possible.
The BigX is equipped with a Liebherr engine with 26l displacement and 1500hp.

What I have done:
Conversion to 3 axles
Body adapted
Added color choice

In the future I would like to publish a second version
with colored tire designation, carbon parts, tinted windows, etc.
Publication on other sites ONLY with original download link


Modell: Pepperonie
Script: Achimobil
Sound: Vassili_k98

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Commented on 2023-09-17 16:29:21

you should add a corn tank

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