Landersum Map v1.3.0.0


Welcome to Landersum, Welcome to Münsterland!

- reworked farms
- reworked selling stations
- added fruits (summerwheat, summerbarley, triticale, rye, greenrye, graincorn, mustard)
- added additional buildings
- added cow pastures
- adjusted yields and seedRates
- adjusted Precision Farming yield potential
- adjusted prices and weights of several goods
- added Manure System support
- increased densityMapHeightType limit
- increased fruitType limit

The Münsterland with its districts of Steinfurt, Warendorf, Coesfeld and Borken as well as the independent city of Münster is an area shaped by agriculture. In large parts of the Münsterland, the typical Münsterland park landscape with its often small-scale agricultural structures has been preserved to this day. The Münsterland is characterized in large parts by arable farming. A total of 305,000 hectares of land are used for arable farming. This corresponds to 86 percent of the total agriculturally used area.
In addition, with its dairy, beef and pork production, Münsterland is one of the most efficient processing regions on earth.

- Quadruple map
- 241 fields
- 255 farmlands
- 1.226 ha total field area
- 5.02ha average field size
- 14 farms
- 2 biogas plants
- Realistic seed usage
- Realistic yields
- Increased fruit density
- Mutli terrain angle
- Adjusted Precision Farming values
- Extended stubble desctruction

- Initial ModHub Release

- readjusted stubble destruction
- reworked farm Entrup
- removed stubble destruction for potato

- fixed farmIDs for default placeables
- fixed growth for grapes and olives
- fixed farmStorage placement and sounds
- fixed pda typo
- fixed farmlands
- fixed mulching
- removed obsolete script
- removed some decoObject form Hessling farm
- removed predefined farms from MP
- added brushable grass
- added vehicleSellingTrigger to vehicleShop
- increased modDesc verion

- Increased modDesc version
- Fixed terrainShader



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Commented on 2024-06-01 08:32:14

This is map number one. He won't lose his position for long. On the previous version I had to make roadside at the roads which widened them a bit and remove grass from the roads, why is it not fixed? Now I have to do my job again

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Commented on 2024-06-04 16:33:35

is it multiplayer?

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