Legendary Cat D12 v1.0.0.0


You can now have the Legendary Cat D12. While the D12 was never officially produced, a company in Australia has modified the D11 into what they call the D12. It's a bit bigger, and has a lot more powerful, to handle all of your needs.

So what is this D12? It began as a conversion of Nonnus's D11 from FS19. We took that as a base, and then made the necessary changes. Like the real D12, we extended the body of the D11, which would be needed to incorporate the new engine. The real life D12 has a Cat 3512 V12 engine taken from the Cat 785 Dump Truck. For this mod, that meant an increase in horsepower (up to 1250 HP now). It also meant a heavier piece of equipment.

The changes aren't massive, but it's a fun mod that works great.

It also is Terrafarm ready. You can get my edit of Terrafarm at https://western-dakota-mining.itch.io/fs22-terrafarm which has this added to it. This edit of Terrafarm now has over 500 pieces added to it, and will have more coming shortly.


Western Dakota Mining

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