Lindner Unitrac L-Drive Pack v7.2.1.1


This package consists of: Lindner Unitrac 112 L-Drive and 122 L-Drive.


-Interective IC

-more power


-Mirror on the right side of the door

-Snow plow plate can be removed

- Unitrac sticker on the cabin

-Double wheels and rims have been revised

-Nicer snow chains

-Warning signs

-LED lights on the mirrors

(Download link has been renewed)

and a whole lot more is worth downloading

The doors and windows can be opened and the snow plow plate can be removed.

The loading wagon holds 23.5 thousand liters & the barrel 4000l.

Other details have been added.

Now he leaves nothing to be desired. If so, write a comment about what else you could add.

Have fun with the mod.


Alpine Modding Team
Austrian Modding

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