Liquid Support v1.0.0.0


The trailers in this package will help you transport liquids.

+ All trailers offer a choice of colors for the base and rims with all colors from the well-known manufacturers
+ All trailers can be equipped with decals to inform them of their load

Price: 15000
Capacity: 8000 l

1. HS 8 S (Category Crop Protection, 2 configurations):

+ Supports the transport of liquid fertilizers and herbicides
+ Field sprayers can be filled with liquid fertilizers or herbicides at this tank trailer
+ Filling or unloading also possible at storages
+ Can place pallets on the edge of the field (Configuration)

2. HS 8 D (Category Misc):

+ Supports the transport of diesel
+ Vehicles can be filled with diesel on this trailer

3. HS 8 M (Category Animals):

+ Supports the transport of milk

4. HS 8 W (Category Animals):

+ Supports the transport of water

5. HS 8 DS (Category Slurry Tanks):

+ Supports the transport of digestate and slurry
+ Slurrybarrels for spreading on the fields can be filled at this tank trailer


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