LSFM BigBag Pack v1.0.0.0



This is a BigBag Pack, it is mostly used to make BigBags, but there are also 8 buyable ones.

These BigBags are characterized by their large filling volume as they have a capacity of 2000L.

Specially made BigBags spawn automatically at the filling station.

Operation of the BigBag filling station:

After purchasing the filling station in the shop, it can be lifted using a telehandler.

No additional tools are required for the telehandler. The attacher on the BigBag filler is located at the top of the Attach here sign!

After setting up the filler at the yard, the BigBag filler can be filled using a shovel or screw conveyor.

In order to start filling (manufacturing) you have to enter the BigBag filling station and activate the pallet production.

Notes on the shop:

This pack does not come with its own shop category.

- BigBags can be found in the BigBag category

- the BigBagLifter for front loader tools (original conversion so that it fits the large BigBags)

- the BigBag filling station is located under Tools (trailer symbol) under Miscellaneous

Known quirks/imperfections in this pack:

- Big bags appear as filled for a few seconds before the filling station starts to work. There is no other way to solve this at the moment.



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