MAN Agrotruck v1.0.0.0


The Agrotruck is a very universal vehicle, it’s fast on the street and powerful on the field.
In Farming Simulator 19, the Agrotruck came from Agrartechnik Nordeifel, The permission to release it is available. Thanks to Moritz (Schauppi) for this.
For Farming Simulator 22, the light was changed to xenon light and the rear hydraulics were adapted by HoFFi, thank you for your support.

The following colour choices are available:
- Main color
- Decal color
- Add-on parts
- Rim color
- Front bar color

The following configurations are available:
- Plastic or painted add-on parts
- Lamp guards
- Flames (decals)
- Exhaust
- Front bar
- Hazard light
- Windshield
- Tyres
- Trailer hitch

Price: 119.000€
Power: 466HP




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