Mitsubishi Canter Crew Cab v1.0.0.0


Mitsubishi Canter Crew Cab

First off, a massive thanks to Paul for the donation of the model and permission to release public.

This is my first ever Vehicle to put into game, it doesn't have a functioning interior at this stage the cost out ways the use.

All seats work with passengers up to 5 people can ride at once.

Autoload compatible with Pallet Autoload Specialization from Achimobil.

Winch works as a logging winch.


2wd and 4wd Tyres, empty tray with sides, empty tray with no sides, Canopy (just for looks but has no collisions so you can still load the tray),

Pilot (oversize sign), Pilot with Canopy, Traffic Control options (traffic control sign works with trucks indicators).


Fold key drops tray sides, with config of no tray sides you still need to drop them the first time to move collisions out of the way.

FrontLoader Arm2 control moves the sign board and oversize sign.

FrontLoader Tool control moves the tow hitch up and down depending on the trailer.

Video Review thanks to Zac:

Use Standard Download on Mega

I give no other mod sites permission to upload this mod are the only ones with permission to publish. Also people taking the file and adding to other sites will result in all my mods becoming private.


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Commented on 2023-02-18 20:41:42

The link works but says the file is no longer there.

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