MKS 32 Manure System v0.3.1.0


This is the MKS 32 with Manure System, expanded color selection and selectable capacity from realistic to unrealistic.
Capacities: 32,000 / 64,0000 / 200,000
Transports all liquids correctly entered in the categories.
A thick hose can be placed on the left and a thin hose on the right for transport.
Connections for both hoses were installed.
This is a beta version that has now worked in our own tests.
The description will also be expanded, but first I need feedback on whether anyone else finds errors or has improvements that make sense.

More general information:
Everything in my mods may not be copied in whole or in part into your own mods or republished in any other form unless expressly permitted. This is international law and is covered by copyright law. Anyone who nevertheless incorporates and publishes parts of my mods into their mods without permission will automatically release their mods to me for unrestricted use and republication. I reserve the right to exercise this right. Posting my mods on other download portals is only permitted with the link pointing to GitHub. Any form of self-hosting is prohibited.



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