Multimap Map v1.1.0.0


The history of the multimap goes back to FS13.

- New production pulp mill
- New production special feed and leavening agent production
- All power generators in the Generators category have received a display, the wrench has been removed
- Added translation for liquid fertilizer tank and herbicide tank
- Added Spanish and Russian translation
- New cattle pastures at the cattle dealer for purely decorative purposes
- The Mod Revamp from version is required for the automatic power distribution

Multimap stood for multifruits and multiproductions. Arrived in FS22, the name stands more for multi-productions. The landscape is purely fictional and set somewhere in Germany.
- Size 4 times
- There are a total of 42 fields with field sizes of approx. 7 ha to 62 ha.
- There are 4 prepared farms available for MP and one prepared farm for SP (only in the New Farmer level).
- 47 pre-installed productions, all productions, with a few exceptions, require electrical energy to operate. Numerous energy suppliers are available for this purpose.
- All productions have been fully adapted to the Script Revamp.
- 23 points of sale
- 68 buyable spaces
- Large barns with extended capacities
- Adjusted growing times
- Own customized trailers in the shop in their own category
- Open spaces for own development

A new savegame is required


[LSMT]FalPos/LS Mapping Team


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