My Lands 4X v1.0.0.8


FS22 My Lands 4X Mod Map For PC.

18/04/2024 17:35pm UK Time Small Map Update.

Fix for textures pathing to the FlatOut Farm map, map version moves to V1.0.0.8 No new game required.

07/04/2024 15:35 UK Time Small Map Update.

Fixes texture path error for the residential house and fixes the main road from the Shop to Hill Top Mill where there was 2 steps in the central double yellow lines. Version moves to V1.0.0.7.

04/03/2024 17:05PM UK Time Small Update. No New Game Required.

Fixes a texture path error on the placeable new single houses. Version moves to V1.0.0.6.

03/03/2024 13:15 UK Time Small Update. No New Game Required.

Removes the duplicate modern house entry from the modDesc.

02/03/2024 19:05 UK Time. Map update does not require a new game.

The maps been updated with all the new placeables from the FS22 FlatOut Farm 4X map complete with some fixes and adjustments. The modDesc moves to 78 and the version moves to V1.0.0.5. Upon loading make a save to clear the Mexican food placeable from the store which has been removed even though it wasn't placed in the map.

10/02/2024 15:55PM UK Time. Update Does not require a new game save.

This update moves the modDesc V1.0.0.4 updates and adds placeables from the FlatOut Farm 4X map to the instore menu. Updates all of the small production pack mod, adds the new animal pens, silo, placeable deco row houses, deco farm house and more. Also update the road texture and more.

03/01/2024 18:00pm UK Time Small Update.

Tweaks for several placeables to work better with AI, No new save required. Version moves to V1.0.0.3.

02/01/2024 16.38pm UK Time Small Update.

Fix for the 2 AI Cost warnings. No new save required.

01/01/2024 14:00pm UK Time Small Update.

Version moves to This does not require a new save. It adds a new buyable land for the outer ring which is free, this will allow you to work the land there. Have fun.

Hello and my a wish you a happy new 2024 year.

I'm currently working on a new mod 4X mod map for FS22 PC and after having the terrain and roads done I decided it would make a great player creates map for the game hence the name My Lands. I have added in all the support for productions and sell points that is required, a small farm house, one tiny field and added the start point and vehicle respawn points to the vehicle shop so they don't get in the way. The map has a train and traffic splines on the outer ring road and Ai splines have also been added to the roads. The map has extra foliage and textures for use in the construction menu. The map also has multifruit and multiangle terrain and extra straw added to some fruits. The land plots are very large  and require vast amounts of cash to purchase. You start with hardly anything so good luck and again happy new year for 2024.

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