Palesse GS12 A1/A1 PRO V1.0.0.1


The BelFarm Mods project has updated its mod pack of Belarusian combine harvesters Palesse GS12 A1/A1 PRO (elements from SModsTeam mods are partially used in the work).

Pack features:

Palesse GS12 A1/A1 PRO

- Price: from 120,000 - 180,000 euros

- Power: 330 hp

- Speed: 25 km/h

- Fuel tank: 520 l

- Grain tank volume: 9500 l

- Configurations (depending on model): choice of hopper cover, engine, wheel brand, beacons, trim design, decals and inscriptions, large vehicle sign, window tinting, color schemes

Reaper ZhSK-7

- Price: 20500 euros

- Working width: 7.1 m

- Operating speed: 10 km/h

Trolley for reaper

- Price: 4000 euros

The mod received wide support for interactive control with Interactive Control both on the header and the combine body (on the sides, stern and top), and in the cab.

Changes in the update:

- Redesigned model of the rear part of the combine

- Improved salon

- Some objects received new wear and dirt shaders

- Changed animation of straw unloading

- Updated decals

- Fixed skin color

- Other minor fixes


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