Patch 1.12 Now Available For Farming Simulator 22!


Please Note! The patch is currently being rolled out across platforms. It can take a couple of hours until the update becomes available on your system. Crossplay services may be affected in the meantime.
Patch 1.12 for Farming Simulator 22 is now available to download on PC and consoles. As the HORSCH AgroVation Pack is already available, there's a new goodie for all of you: the iconic HORSCH Farming Hero outfit!
We also re-designed the multiplayer entry in the main menu - where you now find the new Bale Stacking & Arena Modes. Check out the complete changelog below!
Please Note! As with all major updates to Farming Simulator, you may experience stuttering on the first game launch after updating. Especially when using mods or custom graphics settings due to shaders being recompiled.

New Additions
Added HORSCH "Farming Hero" Suit

Bugfixes & Changes
Updated to Intel XeSS 1.1 upscaling
Redesign of multiplayer menu with Arena / Bale Stacking modes
Rebranded Ploeger AT5104 LNMS to Oxbo AT5104 LNMS including visual update, due to real-life rebranding
Dedicated Server: Fixed performance issue when loading ModHub data
Bugfixes in Arena and Bale Stacking modes
Dedicated Server: Added auto activation for dependent mods
Dedicated Server: Added dependent mod warning
Dedicated Server: Added log rotation
Dedicated Server: Added live preview of log files
Dedicated Server: Added highlight of non ModHub mods
Dedicated Server: Added additional server performance graph (Blue: System, Green: Process)
Increased the max number of supported gamepad buttons to 128

Increased the number of animal subtypes that each husbandry supports

Premium Expansion & Edition Coming Soon!


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