Peterbilt 389 v1.2.0.3


Changelog v1.2.0.3

- Wheel tires replaced. Now the game wheels are used.

- Redesigned rear mudguards. Collision has been removed and bone animation has been added.

- The 5wheel has been replaced, new animations have been added.

- The frame is now painted in a separate slot.

- To enable/disable JakeBrake you now need to use the IC mod.

- Added hand animation when changing gears, added ifta logo and many other small changes

- Power: 460/880 hp;

- Speed: 130 km/h;

- Fuel tank capacity: 880 l.;

- Cost: 119000 €;

- Selection of the main color;

- Choice of design color;

- Choice of frame color;

- Rim color selection;

- License plate configuration;

- Dynamic hoses;

- Animated dashboard, gear shifter, pedals, key;

- Working lighting equipment;

- Working mirrors;

- Leaves traces;

- Gets dirty and washable;

- Multiple design options (bumpers, exhausts, visor, tanks, steps, beacon);

- Added the ability to sit as a passenger (requires Kubota DLC or UNIVERSAL PASSENGER mod)


Expendables Modding, arlan6, Ponderosa Logging, GDNfix

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