Potato Harvesters v1.0.0.1


With the potato harvester pack you will be able to harvest extensive hectares of crops in a few hours, make sure you have a good supply of hoppers for efficient operation.

fixed issue with harvester picking up off the ground but not harvesting the crop

The package contains:
- Spudnik swather, you can harvest without defoliating first, 6-row (4.5 meter) working width, with left or right unloading options (don't forget to activate the "unload here" function before starting work), 200hp minimum.
- Allan Manufacturing Co. harvester, can harvest without the need to defoliate previously, simultaneously collects the potato piled up by the swather, working width 4 to 5 rows (4 meters), 1000 liters capacity, adjustable discharge belt, 270hp minimum.

They can be used with the AI ​​drivers in the game, I recommend working on long fields, positioning and turning on the headlands yourself.

They are also compatible with Coursplay in multi-tool mode, swather to the left, another to the right and harvester in the middle. In the CP vehicle setup window uncheck the box to avoid driving over crops, this way the combine won't roll over when full.

The minimum power required is to work in flat fields, without slopes.

One important thing, in 4x maps I suggest working diagonally (45° or 135° on the compass) because in this type of map it is more difficult to place a lot anywhere, so perhaps there may be a loss of production in the windrower discharge when going north, south, east or west.
This problem is only on 4x maps, not on normal maps.



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