Pöttinger TOP 722 v1.0.0.0


Pöttinger is expanding its range of side rakes and is presenting a new generation with the TOP 722. The new side rake also meets the high practical requirements for the best raking quality, perfect ground contour following and low forage contamination. - Price: 40000 € - Working speed: 15 km/h - Required power: 75 hp - Weight: 2870 kg - Number of rotors: 2 - Number of tine arms: 13 - Double tines per arm: 4 - Working width: 6,60 to 7,20 m Features: - Better Pöttinger colors - Ground adaptation - Change working mode for night swaths (double swath) - Ground wheel Configurations: - Rim color - Color of the cylinders (main color) - Material of the swath cloth (design color) - Color of the wheel hub - Weight set balls - Fenders - Wheels - Lights Changelog - Complete ground tracking improved - Rotors lift out one after the other - New mod and store icon - Adaptation of various parts to new color codes - Material changed from yellow plastic - Mitas tires added.


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