Premium Expansion Preview: Carrots v1.0.0.0


Carrots, parsnips, and red beet are soon added to the list of available crops for your farming operation, when the Premium Expansion for Farming Simulator 22 launches on November 14th. How about we take a look at them? Let's start with carrots!

New Machines To Plant & Harvest
While most of the field procedures are, of course, the same as for other crops, there are not only new machines that come into play when planting and harvesting carrots - there's a new field working step, too.

After plowing the field, you create ridges - using the GRIMME GF 400 & 800 rotary hillers. It has a positive effect on the yield, as it counts towards the full stage of fertilization.
For sowing carrots and the other crop additions, the Premium Expansion provides you with new seeders like the Kverneland Miniair Nova series.

For harvesting, there are also multiple machines you can choose from. You can either operate the Dewulf ZKIVSE, a self-propelled 4-row top lifting harvester with discharge elevator, and the highlight machine of the expansion...

... or, in case you need a smaller and more affordable option for your current farming operation, a trailed top lifting harvester like the Dewulf GBC might be the one to go for.
Want to see a list of all machines included in the Premium Expansion? Head over to the linked article or straight to the shop page! You can still pre-order and save 10%.


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