Prowler Gooseneck Trailer v2.0.0.1


Prowler Heavy Duty Equipment proudly presents thier first High Quality non-motorized utility trailer.


-updated ModDesc Version

-fixed spare tire

With it’s extra wide deck over design, your choice of ramps, custom tool boxes and multiple field support options,  this trailer is the perfect choice if you’re needing to frequently side-load material in addition to your everyday heavy duty hauling.

Special Features:

- Sprayer Support Tank - Motorized Pump provides pumping of Liguid Fertilizer and Herbicides to your Sprayers

- Wate Support Tank - Tank to transfer water to your animal pens

- Dynamic Rear Hitch for Rampless Configurations (Hitch activates when target trailer is nearby)

Sprayer Support Function:

The sprayer support funtions as the pump to transfer fuel from your trailer to a sprayer or chemical storage tank.

step 1: fill the trailers tank from either a buy or storage point on the map.

step 2: when in the vehicle connected to the trailer, select the trailer as the primary tool, Then start the pump by selecting the option in the menu. (R1+Square)

step 3: position the sprayer on the passenger side of the trailer near the green hoses, 

step 4: return to the vehicle that is connected to the sprayer support vehicle. The option to offload your product to the sprayer should now be visible.

Water Support Tank:

The Water Tank functions as a normal water trailer would function on a base game trailer.


-Scale of model adjusted


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Shut up and go buy a pc.

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Commented on 2023-11-28 00:59:31

Great mod but having its own proprietary attacher joint is stupid. It will only attach to their truck, it's a nice truck but the scale is way off compared to 90% of the other pick-ups in the game.

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Commented on 2023-12-06 10:23:18

Does not work. The gooseneck will not connect to any 5th wheel or semi.

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