Prowler V-Plow v1.0.0.1



- modDesc updated

- separated implement into two components. 

Prowler Heavy Duty Equipment is proud to bring you it's first in snow removal equipment, The V-Plow. With the ability to position the plow in V, straight or scoop mode, plowing snow with the X-Vp v-plow takes you to the next level. Whether busting through a long driveway or clearing a parking lot full of cars, the X-Vp v-plow makes quick work of brutal winter conditions.

This mod has been a bit of a pain in the you know what. Probably my lack of knowledge around game physics but I’ve improved the mod slightly by separating into different components. It is still very shifty when pushing a lot of snow, so I’ll need to do a deeper dive into it when I get more time. But I like how this feels for now.

Compatible with the 2020 Ford Super-duty Limited. 2020 Ford Super-Duty Limited by North West Mods & Edits (


North West Mods & Edits

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