Renault Premiun Grain 4x2 v1.0.0.0


Grain and overload configuration

- Power: 320 hp, 12ти скоросная коробка передач, задний привод;

- Speed: 130 km/h;

- Fuel tank capacity: 440 l.;

- Cost: 55000 €;

- Selection of the main color, bumper color, wheels color, cover color and two body colors;

- Rim color selection;

- License plate configuration;

- Dynamic hoses;

- Animated dashboard;

- Working lighting equipment;

- Working mirrors;

- Leaves traces;

- Gets dirty and washable;

- Design options: additional light, visor;


SCS Software, FTmodding,Rick Black Labele,Noah1735 TWD Modding, Crownzilla, GDNfix

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