Rohan Extended ADL Edition BETA v1.0.0.0


Hello everyone,
We, the team at Agrardienste Larch, have decided to revive a fascinating map from LS17. It is the beautiful map "Rohan" from BZH Modding, which we converted and expanded independently. We would like to present you the current status of our work. We are aware that the map still has many errors and still needs to be improved in many areas. Nevertheless, we would be happy to receive constructive feedback from you.
Further updates are already being planned, but we cannot yet give an exact date for them. We would like to point out that the “Gameplay Extension” mod is mandatory in order to be able to play the map properly. A special thanks goes to Mark3286, who actively supported me with modding and will hopefully continue to support me.
We're excited to hear your feedback and look forward to working together on this map and making it a great gaming experience.
Greetings, your ADL team.


Agrardienste Larch

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Commented on 2024-04-24 16:59:32

a oui 3 giga mais elle vas jamais tourner sur farming avec des petits pc lol

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Commented on 2024-04-24 17:21:51

mais ce la est une blague j' espère il vas voir le post pour vous démonter la tête une grosse merde ou est la magnifique foret lol ? des textures transparente des erreur a tir la rigo

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