"Russian taiga". In it he made the following changes:

- Fixed a slight hang of the train in the air,

- The box with smoked fish has been removed from the store,

- Fixed an error in the log

- A new save is not required.

"Russian Taiga" is a map in a forest setting, created both on the author's and on public objects. The author invites players to be transported to the taiga forests, where they decide how to develop their farm. The environment can be changed and adjusted to suit you.

If forestry is of little interest to you and you like to live the image of a hermit farmer, then for this there is a small village on the map with 8 fields and meadows. In this place, the terrain is relatively flat, so most of the land here is perfect for the construction of livestock facilities.

Do you want to become a manufacturer, but don’t want to build bulky, expensive enterprises? For this purpose, the map provides a set of three small businesses. This is a home mill, compact sawmill and smokehouse. In the latter you can smoke fish to be caught in the local picturesque Bear Lake.

If your soul requires scope, then there will be no problems with this either. Let's not forget about the forest. It can be processed at a large local enterprise, Borisov Drev. In addition, two large placeable designer factories are built into the map: brick and concrete goods. Some of the consumables for them will have to be mined in the ground. For this purpose, there is a ready-made quarry on the map, as well as support for the Terra Farm earthmoving mod.

All finished factory products can be sold for good money by rail, a trip along which will bring not only income, but also visual pleasure from the local landscapes. Roadside shops are suitable for selling homemade products.

There are also other points of sale on the map, including a farm store and livestock dealer, Russian traffic, pedestrians, support for all basic standards, asphalt and impassable forest roads and much more.

Project page in VK:

Farming simulator MishkaGammi

You can download the map from the link below👇 (the archive must be unpacked!)



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