SaddleTrac Field and Chopper Shuttle v1.0.0.0


2 shuttles for the SaddleTrac 4200 DLC, for harvesting with combine harvesters, etc. and with choppers The shuttles work as overload trailers.
Field Shuttles for the SaddleTrac 4200 DLC
35m3 loading volume
€37,500 excluding optional supplements
Field Chopper Shuttle exclusively for harvesting with forage harvesters
all ingame shredders are tested and work with normal/short discharge tube, NewHolland, John Deere, Claas Jaguar, Fendt, Krone
Field Shuttle for harvesting with combines or other machines and quick transfer between harvester and unloading points
Any load, including grapes, beets, potatoes, etc. ( bulk )



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