Stacker Trailers 3 pack v1.0.0.0


Stacker Trailers 3 pack

Game: Farming simulator 22

1. ATC Enclosed Gooseneck Car Trailer

2. ATC Enclosed Gooseneck Stacker Trailer

3. ATC Enclosed Bumper Pull Stacker Trailer

Authors: Harry Starmer, K20 3d kustoms


Harry Starmer, K20 3d kustoms

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Commented on 2024-02-07 04:05:26

Considering how much these trailers have been treated like eye candy " I have it and you don't post" All over the place. Especially the bumper pull. I have to say it's pretty disappointing to finally get them and just realize they are complete ass tbh.

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Deez Nutz
Reply comment on 2024-02-07 15:37:20

If it has Harry Starmer’s name involved then just automatically expect it to be shyt.

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