Here it come. A huge improvement based on FS19 original TATRA.

The models are all from Giants and other excellent mod. Base on that I have made a lot of adjustments to both the model and texture to match the Tatra chassis and reduce appearance defects. Now it has a realistic tube beam suspension, numerous ic buttons and animation. Fully adjusting various suspension parameters to provide you with a more comfortable off-road driving experience.

-Recommended mod:

Interactive Control

Universal Autoload

Vehicle Sleeper Cab

Central Warehouse Pack

Color Configurator

-Swap body support:

Bulk Truck Bed Pack by Bcbuhler

Please refer to the preview image for the characteristics and purpose of the vehicles and trailers in this pack. The rest of the details are left to you to explore.

Notice: Several scripts are integrated in this file just for convenience. Including Auto Turn Off Turn Lights, Lock Steering Axles. If you don't need them, you could delete the corresponding script files and the corresponding code in modDesc.xml at any time.

Free to share.

-Fixed minor issues on some trucks, such as missing rim and incorrectly license plate and intake bellow position.

-Added 6x6 logging truck with attacher configuration supporting Bulk Truck Bed Pack.

-Removed dis-attach restriction on timber platform. Still, only when the timber platform is in a folded state can it be dis-attach.

-Remade store icon.

Due to network issues, I could only reply to comments on this website:



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Commented on 2024-02-23 19:50:19

This is just a out of date stolen version of Hatsunekids mod https://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-22-mods/tatra-phoenix-pack-v1801

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