The Abandoned Marshes v1.0.0.0


Welcome to the abandoned marshes, a totally fictitious, hilly area where livestock, cereal crops and vines are grown;
and, as the name suggests, abandoned marshes in need of restoration.

The map includes :
4 farms
77 fields ranging in size from 0.5 to 15 hectares
a main forest, with 3 purchasable plots, as well as several copses in the arable areas.
15 sales outlets: 2 cooperatives, 1 mill, 1 bakery, 1 dairy, 1 wood sales outlet, 1 farm shop, beet depot, straw and fodder sales outlet, a restaurant, a pizzeria, a supermarket, as well as 2 market stalls in town.
3 factories: mini bga, sawmill, grape processing
Water available from the river and numerous ponds.
The map is ready for precision farming
wheat can be sown from October to December, as well as maize, sorghum and soya in June, after a barley harvest
The farm buildings, fences and decorations are plottable and can be sold and/or modified to suit your tastes.



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