Thüringen Reloaded v2.0.0.0


LS22 Thueringen 2 0 4 tray with many productions and over 100 products

Changelog Thuringia 2.0 V2
-Error with PF fixed Oil radish reintroduced into the map
-In the fruit land there are now also apples
-In the juice factory there is now also apple juice
-Error with clover balls fixed Clover can now also be turned over so that clover hay comes out
-Create Fixed Health increases again and they also give wool again
-Sheep give sheep's milk
-Various animals need water again
-New PDA
-Revamp Implemented and Recommended
-Rape now also gives straw
-New areas for placeables
-1 small yard 2 big yards and the already existing one
-New production Muellersmilch, jam factory
-Cairns added at the gravel plant (but land must be bought)
-Winery installed
-Fields previously changed 58 fields New 94 fields
-We can't test whether the map runs correctly with Maiz+ to this extent. If you use it and errors occur, you can report it and we'll see if we can fix it

Map Details: - There are 57 fields - There are 11 multi-fruits 32 ground angles - On the map are over 35 custom productions built - Map is available on our homepage as well as the support.
The LS22 Thuringia 2.0 is for XXL and production lovers just the right map!
The map offers in addition to very large fields also many custom productions the heart of each production lover can beat faster.
The textures of the buildings look so far good, in some objects, however, you can see their age to this but rarely occurs and somehow fits to the map.

Changelog: Thuringia 2.0 V 1.2
-New harvesters added
-Store has been re-sorted
-Trailer for Metan now under pet supplies to find
-Lavender production now also bales
-Cotton sale at bale sale
-Confectionery Gefixt pallets Spawnen
-Confectionery New product Berliner
-New production Pizza
-Pallet factory now also accepts bales as well as from missions
-Can factory new inputs Lubricating oil->Fine metal->Diesel
-Lavender bales can now be sold at the bale sale
-Productivity at the lubricant production increased
-New product bakery poppy seed buns
-New production kebab production Normal kebab Veggi kebab Chicken kebab
-.New production butcher with output leather If animals washed out and Healthy more meat than young or not fully healthy less meat (mod to use then still follows)
-Animal menu adjusted
-Always production added brings pads,Tampons and Q-Tips(cotton swabs)
-Kleidunksfabrik from leather becomes clothing
-Miscellaneous Deko added
-A Fest verbauter farm is divided into several areas to buy
-All standard animals on the farm
-Automatic bale storage for grass,hay ,Silage and straw in round bale form
-Trees Gefixt (Except for one not findable)
-Problem with the Grubbern etc is not a problem of us therefore also not Fixbar
-.Pickup now picks up the grass swat
-Targeted fields adjusted but not really visible
-Starting vehicles added
-PDA is not adjusted
-Lightings Adjusted
-Sounds of all factories adjusted
-Trees growth changed are now grown out in 7 months
-Without Seasson players now have Fast growth depending on the type of fruit between 1 and 4 days
-Fields have been re-sorted
-2 Working trains outside the map (Must be approached by train)
-Sale point freight station pallets must be loaded on the wagon and there is more money.
-Slaughterer Added
-Diesel production production diesel biodiesel pig feed the biodiesel is only for sale
-New fruits obstructed tobacco and hemp (release from Marco available thanks for that)
-White cabbage,red cabbage,carrots,clover,hops,tobacco,henf,Onion and rye were renewed
-Alfalfa removed from map since problems made
-Oil radish also removed from the map
-Oil factory now also produces hemp oil
-Tailor shop produces hemp yarns
-From hemp yarns can then be made clothes
-Paper factory built
-Cigarette factory built
-Flasher built


Datei-Informationen Credits
Agrar Land Modding (Convert [ALM]Olli)
DMT Sound
Mr Lager Tester
[TRLP]Markus Multifrüchte
Achimobil Script Ballenlager
Atabogo FSM Gebäude
BlackSheepModding Gebäude
Die Lustigen Bauern Tester


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