Toyota Prius 2014 V1.1.0.0


- Price: 17,500 $
- Max Speed: 165 KM/H
- Power: 134 HP
- Electric Charge: 80 kW/h
- Weight: 2.6 Tonnes

- Added mipmaps for improved performance
- Updated modDesc to 79
- Revised file structure, tidy up of xml
- Minor fixes and adjustments
- Added license plate light
- Added Dashboard Live
- Added support for Passenger Seat (Kubota DLC required)
- Added new shop option
- Added support for Vehicle Years

- Body color configurations
- Interior color configurations
- Rim color configurations
- Body type options

Interactive Control:
- Ignition
- Internal cabin light
- Navigation screen
- Channel Next/Previous
- Hazard Lights

Dashboard Live (optional):
Vehicle Years (optional):
Passenger Seat (optional):
Interactive Control (recommended):

Credits: TSR

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