Ursus C-4011 POLISH Pack v1.0.0.0


Improved front lights in Ursus c355M.
Improved opening of the cabin door, Sokółka.
Price: €18,000
Power: 52 HP
Category: small tractors
New tractor model.
New wheel model.
New Specular.
New normal map.
Improved cabin models + 3 new cabins.
T261 turret included separately.
Nowy Tur and accessories from Ursus.
New wheel and weight configurations added.
configurable front weight
IC panel added (SIMPLE IC mod needed for this).
Some new colors added.
Greater power and weight of the tractor.
Improved clock backlight.


Hajstel to cuel, jeb3c merszmeo

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Commented on 2024-02-13 18:33:00

très malin de faire des croix gammée sur l'image du store ???et surtout de republier un mod déjà publier

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