Ursus c350-c360 v2.1.0.0


– Improved color change for tractor bodies

– Improved control shaft [duplicate]

– Improved clutch and gearbox animation

– Separation of Ursus vehicles into 4×4 and regular ones, which makes changing/improving/setting the correct steering angle

– Improved c360 sticker / micro-penetration through sheet metal at the appropriate camera angle

– Repair of the 4×4 drive – it now works as a 4×4

– Changing the icons in the store and the mod

– Improved vibration of 4×4 wheels, with the configuration: “standard II”

Ursus C-Series:

-Price: 18,000

-Power: 45-62 [Hp]

-Version: c355,c355M,c360,c360 3p

-Category: Small tractors

-Transmission: Manual

-Interactive Control (bonnet, engine start, lifting and lowering machines, left and right doors, roof, rear window, disappearing doors on each cabin)

-Real sounds

-Dashboard: luminous

-Moving elements

-Clean log

[If you notice any error, write! Discord:miziuu]


-Engine Configuration

-Wheel Brand: 10 wheel options including 4×4

-Wheel settings: 5 options including fenders for 4×4

-Exhaust: 6 options

-Cabin: 24 options

-Lamps: 14 options

-Front fenders: 4 options

-Grill: 12 options

-Front axle: 2 options

-Rear wheel weight: 7 options

-Stickers: 11 options

-Loader console: 9 options

-Front wheel load: 2 options

-Additions: 9 options

-Grill tray: 2 options

-Engine belt housing: 2 options

-Handlebar configuration: 8 options

-seat configuration: 3 options

-Box: 4 options

-Front weights: 7 options

-Cable on lights: 6 options, each for a different type of lamps

-Inscription on the grill plate: 3 options

-Rear and front registration

-Color: sheet metal, body, cabin, rims, grill, roof, weight, Naglak cabin replacement of rear fender, front weight

Front loaders:

-spoon for the rope

- hydraulic bucket

- bale forks

- manure forks

-Tur T-261

-Tur Ursus

-Pallet forks

- manure forks

-Added clocks and lamps of the c355 model in the engine configuration: c355, c355m

-Fixed the rear register near the BK355 cabin

-Added for 4×4 wheel configuration: driven axle

-New mudguards added for 4×4 in mudguard configuration

-Improved rear lowering

-Model separation: c355-c355m, c360-c360 Turbo, c360-3p

-Each has different sounds and engine model with hood and clocks

-Minor visual bugs fixed

-Repaired steering rack

-Fixed straight exhaust animation

-Added hand throttle animation on the steering wheel

-Reconstruction of rear and front tires

-Improve engine vibration

-Increased weight of the mod due to the separation of engine sounds of individual models


Driver300 FS19, Gracjan26 FS19, wisniagames239 FS19, RsK FS19, Erdian FS19, Miziuu FS22

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