Volvo EWR150E v1.0.0.0


The Volvo EWR150E in Farming Simulator 22 offers a range of configurations to customize the machine to your specific needs and preferences. Here are the key configurations available for this versatile wheeled excavator:

Color Configuration (Colorconfig)

The Volvo EWR150E allows you to personalize the appearance of your excavator with various color options. This configuration lets you select different paint colors for the body of the machine, enabling you to match the excavator with your fleet's color scheme or simply choose a color that you prefer.

Wheel Configuration (Wheelconfig)

The wheel configuration (Wheelconfig) is a crucial aspect of the Volvo EWR150E customization. This option provides different wheel setups that can affect the performance and suitability of the excavator for various tasks and terrains. Options typically include different tire brands, sizes, and types, such as:

Standard Wheels: These offer a balanced performance suitable for general purposes.

Wide Tires: These provide better stability and lower ground pressure, making them ideal for soft or uneven terrains.

Narrow Tires: These are designed for situations where you need to minimize soil compaction, such as working on cultivated fields.

Twin Wheels: Offering maximum stability and traction, twin wheels are perfect for heavy-duty tasks and challenging terrains.

Each wheel configuration affects the excavator's handling, stability, and ground impact, allowing you to tailor the machine's performance to your specific farming or construction needs.

Additional Customizations

Beyond color and wheel configurations, the Volvo EWR150E in Farming Simulator 22 might also include additional customizable options such as:

Attachments: Various attachments for different tasks, including buckets, grapples, and pallet forks.

Beacon Lights: Options to add or customize the beacon lights for increased visibility and safety.

Cabin Accessories: Personalize the interior of the cabin with different accessories to enhance comfort and functionality.

These configurations make the Volvo EWR150E a highly adaptable and efficient machine for a wide range of tasks in Farming Simulator 22. Whether you're using it for excavation, loading, or material handling, the ability to customize your equipment ensures you can optimize its performance for any job.


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