Wide Span Vehicle System v1.0.0.0


This package includes the Tractor, Harvester and Trailer of the Lizard Wide-Span Vehicle System (WSVS). This tractor operates like a standard tractor when attached to WSVS implements. The harvester operates like a standard harvester when attached to the WSVS tractor. Hooklift Trailer that can lift and transport WSVS modules. The trailer uses two arms to attach to, and pick up, WSVS modules for transport.

Wide span vehicle systems, like the Nexat project or gantry tractors, are a specialized type of farming vehicle that significantly exceeds the width of typical vehicles. The primary purpose behind using wide span vehicles in agriculture is to minimize soil damage caused by farm vehicles. Efficient soil management and reduced compaction lead to better crop yields and financial gains. Other key advantages of employing wide span vehicles in farming: help maintain soil structure and health; minimize land lost to wheel tracks, preserving more usable land for cultivation; reduced fuel consumption due to optimized routes; more accurate chemical application; minimizing soil disturbance creates additional opportunities for organic farming practices. These benefits contribute to sustainable and efficient agricultural practices, enhancing both productivity and environmental stewardship.

Future WSVS implement packages are planned.

WSVS TR13 (Tractor)
Price: 395,000 $
Power: 1100 hp
Top speed: 41 kph

WSVS HV23 (Harvester)
Recommmended headers are the John Deere HD45X and the John Deere C16F or any 13 meter header or corn header.
Price: 75,000 $
Capacity: 23,000 liters

WSVS Hooklift Trailer
Price: 39,000 $


Dogface, BDBSSB

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