John Deere 9X30T

John Deere 9X30T
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20 September 2022, 10:09PM

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Hi mates!
Well, we are after the release of the new version of the John Deere STS 70 series with a completely new quality and model, how did you like it?
Now, with the John Deere STS release, it's time for the next modification for you - the beautiful farming simulator community!
So I thought the John Deere 9X30T series was the perfect choice.
What do you say?
Probably many people would like the Claas Lexion - but I still have a lot of work with this modification. But I will definitely finish it soon!
Let me know in the comment below
- How do you like the new STS Series 70.
- Do you want John Deere 9X30 T series?
- Do you want the Claas Lexion too?
And what version would you like Lexion EU or US?
Thank you to everyone who supports me here on facebook, a great thank you to the people who support me on Patreon and Paypal, thankfully with your support I can focus on working for you, please share, likewise
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Commented on 2022-09-21 06:52:59

Release this beautiful JD tractor..i dont know who you are but you did an amazing job with this tractor.Bravo.Good job man.
The only thing i am afraid .. i hope its not so heavy for pc...i see many trucks from american modding guys that upload american trucks with 200-300mb sile size..that is huge for a single mod..
P.S i like the Class combine

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