John Deere 1275

John Deere 1275
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29 September 2023, 11:48PM

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Some of you have been wondering where that John Deere 1275 running gear with a bale carrier bolted on top went. Well, I paused to work on the 712, but with that in testing I have resumed work! And yes, this is planned for all platforms 🙂
However, I wanted to give you guys more than just the round bale carrier, so I also whipped up a flatbed option! This flatbed will allow you to autoload every bale in the game except for small squares! Both the round bale carrier and the flatbed carrier will be in the same mod.
Not only that, but I also listened to what I saw a number of you requesting!! I went ahead and added an option for an aftermarket center reach for the running gear so that you will be able to pull them in tandem!
These 1275 bale wagons will make a great duo with the 1075 hay wagon! All the autoload scripts are complete, we are just in the texturing and polishing and visuals phase now. Hope you're ready to move some bales!
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