Big project update: CLASSIC WAGONS!

Big project update: CLASSIC WAGONS!
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03 December 2023, 09:40PM

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Big project update: CLASSIC WAGONS!!!
Are you a fan of International Harvester, Oliver, or Massey-Ferguson? If so, I have a great announcement! A wagon for each of you is coming!!!
The Electric Wheel Company of Quincy Illinois made wagons for many decades and for many different companies. At one point or another this design, the 5026, was sold under all three of these brands with some minor differences:
Under International Harvester as the 8 ton 330
Under Oliver as the 7 ton 5026
Under Massey-Ferguson as the 7 ton MF7
The minor differences will be reflected to the best of my ability, but my hope is that this common gear will give players tons of options.
And did you hear Oliver and wonder about ModHub? Well, if you are familiar with the history of Oliver you would know that Oliver was acquired by White Farm Equipment, which was later sold to AGCO. So my hope is to bring Oliver to all platforms for the first time EVER!
Furthermore, I am considering making this a modular gear with multiple attachments. For example, a fertilizer tank attachment or a hay wagon attachment, sort of like an AR frame setup that you could swap. Is this something people want? Please discuss in the comments below, let's have a conversation about if you want that or traditional wagons. I am also totally open to ideas for things to put on top of these.
ONE MORE THING: Do you have an International 330, Oliver 5026, or a Massey MF7 running gear? If so, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME. I'd love to see some pictures and confirm I am making these right. Especially the MF7, there are some pictures online but nothing of this particular generation, I only have a brochure page to go off of.
If you are excited about this project, want to see more updates, help decide what I make, or want help with modding or even just direct message access, please join my Patreon. It helps me to continue to pour my time into this for you all.
Don't forget to look up Rooster Mods on YouTube!
Thank you all, and have a great day.


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