715 Quadtrac

715 Quadtrac
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11 February 2024, 11:04PM

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How about some more in-progress screenshots of the 715 Quadtrac?
I've been very very busy over the last week working to get this beast finished! Many small details needed to be done to bring this machine up to date and match the real life Steiger 715 Quadtrac.
Some of these details include:
- New door handle style
- Quick hitch and rear hydraulic rework
- Updated engine model
- Reworked rear fenders
- New lights and reflectors
- New fleet number style
- All new front and rear EU config light bars
- EU config air filter
- Updated engine and animations sounds
- Camera system mod compatibility
And much more! Check out these updates in the screenshots.
With this collaboration with Custom Modding, they will be the ones uploading the quadtrac to their modhub page, so I will not be receiving the download counts or the small compensation that comes with it. So, if you like my work and are excited for the mod, please consider donating to my Paypal. Any donation is much appreciated, and brings validation to the amount of time I am spending to work on the mod for everyone to enjoy!
Thank you!


Commented on 2024-02-12 16:27:51

Когда выйдет этот мод?

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