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1 month ago

Map doesn't start because I don't have these two mods here. LS22_Helvetia_Holzkran LS22_Helvetia_Machine shelter

1 month ago

Very sad because that type of map is so good that you want to play this quite quickly because Hof Bergmann is one of the best fs maps ever and it's a shame that it takes 100 years to download when ...

1 month ago

It's a shame that it's being uploaded to the rapidigator site, because it takes 100 years to download a map, so I can't be bothered to pay for and get the premium version on that site :(

1 year ago

You can post it on other mods' pages so that those who may not have the best internet can also download it, because busy people can't be bothered to sit and wait for 3 hours before they can play a ...