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10 months ago

before writing bullshit you could be informed, you can set 0 as a price, which means free

1 year ago

if any mod with parts of another mod comes out without the author's consent giants removes it immediately so you are already wrong from the start you want to be a know-it-all even if you don't know...

1 year ago

no permission has been granted by us for the use of grapes and modification of the braud, therefore we invite you to remove this pack mod. Black eyes modding

2 years ago

this mod is an edit without permission of one of our mods, remove it !!

2 years ago

we do not keep quiet, we work our asses to make beautiful mods and the first one arrives and makes himself beautiful with other people's things

2 years ago

at least we are good at doing things, can you do something besides keyboard lions?